Track Your Own Energy Usage
The first step to energy savings is understanding how you use energy in your home or business. The Energy Resource Center has developed a tool that you can use to track your usage of electricity, natural gas, heating oil, or any other major type of fuel. By entering your data in this file, you receive several automatically updating graphs to visually understand your energy use.
Energy Tracking Workshop

Plan on attending the Energy Tracking Workshop at Susquehanna University's Apfelbaum Hall on Thursday April 9th, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

At the workshop, you'll learn what to look for on your utility bills to use the energy tracking worksheet linked above to its fullest. You'll also receive a tutorial on how to interpret the automatically populating graphs. This is an incredibly valuable opportunity to begin to be engaged in $elinsgrove $aves, so we encourage all to attend.

Space is limited, so we ask that you please pre-register for this FREE event here.