Residential Survey

The form displayed to the left is the Residential Energy Survey.  Each household in the Selinsgrove Borough is encouraged to complete one and return it to SEDA-COG.

Some notes about the form:

- Please fill out the survey fully. All of the information we request is useful and will help SEDA-COG make the project better for your community.

- The survey is a fill-able PDF file that you can download, fill out on your computer, and email to the address listed on the second page. You may also print, fill out, and return the survey by mail.  You may need Adobe to download the survey.

- If you have a question or concern about the survey or the project, do not hesitate to call us at the number listed on the form.

- The last page of the survey will help us to determine if you may qualify for free weatherization of your home. For more information on this program, please see our weatherization services page.

Non-Residential Survey
More than 60 Borough businesses, non-profits, and other organizations have completed an energy use survey as a first of several activities to assist Borough organizations improve their bottom line through energy savings. If you still haven't completed a survey for your organization, please take time to complete the fill-able PDF file and return to the Energy Resource Center.