Act 129 Programs: Funded by and Accessible to All Clients

Governor Rendell signed Act 129 in 2008, mandating that all electric utilities in the state must reduce their client's energy consumption by a percentage each year thereafter. Utilities penalized with a $20 million fine each year that they do not meet the assigned percentage of reduction. To avoid the fine, utility companies have developed programs to reduce consumption among their clients. These programs are paid through a small charge on each client's monthly bill and are accessible by all who are served by the particular utility company.

Under Act 129, the utility companies that serve this region offer rebates and other credits to those who make energy efficient changes to their homes. The money paid back through rebates has been amassed through the Act 129 line item of each clients monthly bills. All clients have paid into this program, and the fund offered through it are accessible to all, making a utility company's Act 129 program an excellent way to fund energy-related upgrades. If you have already completed some upgrades, it may not be too late to recoup some of your costs. Most utilities allow you to apply for rebates for projects that occurred up to a year ago.

Explore your utility's website for more information on what qualifies under their rebate program. If you have questions about what qualifies, or desire guidance when filling out any of the necessary forms, feel free to call the Energy Resource Center at (570) 524-4491.

Choose your electric utility to discover what programs they have available.