Energy Conservation at Home

There are countless improvements a household can make to increase its energy efficiency. However, the effectiveness of each retrofit may vary depending on a household's specific characteristics. Professionals can conduct an energy assessment of a home to determine its weaknesses in terms of energy efficiency and what improvements would be most beneficial.


Home Energy Assessments are a great way to see how a household  uses energy as well as what kinds of improvements will help to conserve energy and save money. Most assessments come complete with the cost of suggested improvements and return on investment dates, allowing a homeowner to make a truly informed decision.

SEDA-COG's Home Energy Assessment

 BPI and RESNET -certified energy auditors use state-of-the-art technology to assess all energy-using components of a home/building in order to pinpoint exactly where energy is being lost. Their technology also ensures air exchange within a home is at a level and protects health and deters mold.  Auditors provide their clients with a written report that prioritizes recommendations for no-cost behavior change or energy-saving investments based on both health of home occupants and the economic return on each recommended investment.   Click here for a small sample of a full energy audit report.

Energy Assessment Providers for All Sectors

SEDA-COG’s Energy Resource Center has compiled a list of known for-profit and non-profit organizations that provide energy assessment services to clients within our region. The information in the document above has been provided by these organizations. SEDA-COG assumes no responsibility for accuracy of the information or the quality of services provided. This list will be updated periodically to accommodate additional firms. If you need additional assistance, call SEDA-COG’s Energy Resource Center at (570) 524-4491.