Funds to Help You Save Energy & Money

Use  the Database of Renewable and Efficiency Projects and Technologies site (also ) to identify and obtain details on state, federal, and utility financial incentives currently available for renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades, purchases of energy efficient products and systems, and construction of new energy efficient buildings. These incentives include tax credits and deductions, utility rebates, federal and state low-interest loans, federal and state grants, federal bond programs, state and federal sales and property tax exemptions, and regulatory policies.  This database was developed and is maintained by the University of North Carolina through a U.S. Department of Energy grant.

The links above both open to a map of the United States.  Either enter your zip code, or click on the map to obtain a list of currently available funding for efficient and/or renewable energy projects and technologies for the state in which the project would be located.   The list of funding sources can be filtered by type of funding, or by federal (US) or state (i.e., PA) funding sources.  Those funding sources included in the selected "State" category include funding available through not only state agencies,but also local utilities and foundations that serve a limited geographic area within the selected state. 

To use the filters to hone your search, click on the arrows at the top of each column heading.  Then use the pop-up box that appears to the right of your screen to select your desired  filter and subfilter categories. 

Helpful Hint:  In viewing the synopsis provided for each funding source, we recommend that you scroll down the page a bit to the "Applicable Sector(s)" category to assure that the applicant qualifies to receive the grant.  Then next review the "Eligible Technologies" category to most easily identify those funding sources for which your project is eligible.  Each page includes a brief explanation of the funding, followed by a Summary, with links to more detailed information at the bottom of the page.

If you have difficulty navigating this database, call us at 570-524-4491 ext. 7231 and we will walk you through the site.