Energy Tracker Worshops

On the 9th and 23rd of April, ERC intern Sam Berger presented a workshop on energy tracking for Selinsgrove Borough community members, businesses and organizations at Susquehanna University.  During the workshops, participants learned how to track their monthly energy usage and costs by using tools created by the Energy Resource Center. Tp use these tools, participants simply enter information from their monthly energy bills into the energy tracker. The tracker then automatically populates with the total cost and amount of energy used, and even goes so far as to generate charts that help the consumer visually track their usage by month and year.  (The energy tracker can be found on this page.)  The Energy Resource Center is asking all Selinsgrove Borough residents, businesses and organizations to use this tool and then to return the annual completed files to us for our records. (Please email to  We will use this data to further help the Borough reduce energy consumption and lower expenses.  This information will also assist with our data tracking and will show the progress the community has made during and after the project is completed. 

Project Launch Celebration

Congratulations Selinsgrove!  The Project Launch Celebration that took place on March 31st at the Selinsgrove Intermediate School was a success!  Members from the community gathered to discuss energy saving strategies with PPL Electric, UGI Utilities and the SEDA-COG Weatherization Department.  They also had the opportunity to learn more about the project and completed commercial and residential energy surveys.  Emma’s Food for Life and Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC provided refreshments while two local high school students performed the cello and violin to entertain the launch's guests.

Ken Miller, the Advisory Committee Co-Chair and a Selinsgrove resident, greeted guests and introduced the speakers.  He touched on some aspects of the project and explained how he and others were working diligently to spread the word and get the project into action.

Then, Stacy Richards, director of the Energy Resource Center at SEDA-COG, explained the project’s goals and activities even more thoroughly.  She explained the two year project step-by-step.  The first step involved completing an energy survey, which was distributed through the Borough newsletter, and which the attendees were able to till out in person at the event. The next step involved tracking energy use, which the attendees were able to do using the energy tracker.  After that, residents were able to sign up for an energy survey, which, along with audits, are incredibly valuable tools that will allow a homeowner, renter or landlord to see which energy conservation measures would be the most cost effective and what the return on their investments would be.  Ms. Richards answered questions from the crowd and discussed the benefits that the project would bring to the community.  Ms. Richards also spoke about the previous project in New Berlin that showed a 30-70% energy reduction.  

Also in attendance, Mayor Jeff Reed spoke about the Borough of Selinsgrove and its residents and publicly thanked the ERC and Advisory Committee for their ongoing efforts with the project and hoped that the project would be a success. Malcolm Derk III, the Snyder County Commissioner, also spoke about how excited he was for Selinsgrove to embark on this project and to be able to take advantage of the great cost and energy benefits that he had become familiar with the New Berlin project. The Commissioner expressed his excitement that the Energy Resource Center had decided to offer their services to the Borough of Selinsgrove to help them achieve energy independence. 

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