Walkthrough Surveys for Residents

This service is being provided to any interested resident within Selinsgrove Borough through the Selinsgrove Community Energy Conservation Initiative. As part of this service, an energy surveyor provided by PPL Electric Utilities will conduct a walk-through evaluation of the home's energy use and provide advice and a written report on ways to cost-effectively reduce energy use and costs. By implementing the surveyor's recommendations, you could potentiallyqualify for additional rebates. 


The energy surveyor will even install free energy-saving items (up to $150 value) if needed. These items may include: 

  • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
  • Kitchen faucet aerator.
  • Smart strip plug outlet.
  • Electric water heater temperature adjustment.
  • Shower head.
  • LED nightlight.
  • Furnace whistle.
  • Up to 10 feet of hot water pipe insulation if you have an electric water heater. 

Through the generosity of the Selinsgrove Borough Council, the first 200 residential walkthroughs will be at a reduced cost to Selinsgrove Borough residents through the utilization of Gelnett Foundation funds. To receive a rebate, you must complete and return the rebate form located here.

Free Energy Surveys for Homeowners that Heat with Electricity

As part of its epower electricity reduction services, PPL Electric Utilities is offering a $50 energy survey, normally costing $300, to homeowners that primarily heat with electricity. To encourage Borough residents to take advantage of this opportunity to reduce electricity use and costs, the Selinsgrove Borough Council has allocated funding from the Gelnett Trust to reimburse residents their $50 out-of-pocket cost for the energy survey.

To receive the $50 energy survey reimbursement, residents provide a copy of the energy survey written report to the project manager. The report's recommendations will be used to tailor technical and financial assistance to meet the community's energy reduction needs. Residents are also requested to track their annual energy use through 2016 using The Energy Tracker. 

To schedule an energy survey from PPL Electric Utilities, call 1-877-486-9204