Project Results

New Berlin's Community-Wide Energy Independence Project, which took place from 2009 to 2012, has achieved great success in providing deep energy consumption and cost savings to hundreds of participants across its sectors. The average participant in the project achieved roughly a 22% reduction in energy use, and the project as a whole documented a $217,000 per year savings community wide. Over the course of five years, this savings will result in more than one million dollars for a community of less than 900 people. 

The project, which continued despite its official conclusion in 2012, reflects the hegemonic ability of community-wide action to cause long-lasting behavior change. For example, the New Berlin Fire Department's Social Hall installed a 10 kW solar array on its roof, adding to the already deep savings they have received. 

The impact of New Berlin's Community-Wide Energy Independence project has also reached far beyond the local community. Both Selinsgrove Borough in Snyder County and Millheim Borough in Centre County are in the process of replicating New Berlin's success. 

Considering these results, we are happy to report a truly regional economic impact stemming from the Community-Wide Energy Independence Project.  

Click here to see a visual sample of savings found in New Berlin. Click here for a final project synopsis. Below is a video chronicling the project.


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