Renewable Energy

Throughout the project, the ERC identified opportunities to generate energy from local renewable sources, providing basic information for the New Berlin community to one day potentially replace fossil fuels with alternative energy sources following the NBEI initiative. Renewable energy production has the potential to help the community reduce in fossil fuel based energy consumption in the future. SEDA-COG's Energy Resource Center (ERC) has and continues to engage both private sector firms and local university faculty and students in identifying renewable energy projects sourced within and around New Berlin.


In August 2010, Bucknell University’s Chemical Engineering faculty met with ERC staff to design a chemical engineering class project focused on exploring the renewable energy opportunities available to the community of New Berlin from local sources. At the beginning of the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 semesters, students were given a course assignment to assess the feasibility of producing fuels from resources local to the New Berlin area. The 2010 student design teams presented their research on the production of fuels from resources local to New Berlin in December 2010. The 2011 student design teams presented their research in December 2011. Their findings informed the consideration of processes and fuels that could be suitable to later phases of the NBEI project.


You can read the project abstracts here.


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