Project Overview

The Renewing Millheim’s Energy Independence Project takes a community-wide approach to energy conservation and efficiency. The overall project goals include assisting the community to achieve greater energy independence and exploring opportunities to implement cost-effective energy from locally-derived alternative sources. Throughout the project, Millheim's energy usage will be identified, and then energy conservation will be facilitated for residents, businesses, schools and public agencies within the community. The project, which was launched on November 6th, 2014, has an expected duration of two years. 

The Renewing Millheim's Energy Independence Project replicates the New Berlin Energy Independence Project, in which the community was able to reduce their dependence on costly fossil fuels, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, attain greater energy security, retain wealth within the region, and create new businesses and living wage jobs to produce products and services focused on energy independence. Overall, the New Berlin project documented a $217,000 per year savings community wide. With greater community involvement in the Millheim project, such savings can be made possible for our community as well. 

For more information on the Renewing Millheim's Energy Independence Project launch celebration, as well as the energy conservation assemblies in the local elementary schools, please see the Community Involvement page.

Get Involved

If youThis poster with copies of the residential energy survey can be found at the Post Office. are a Millheim resident looking to get involved in this community project:

  1. Download the residential energy survey or pick one up at the Post Office or Borough Office, fill it out for your home, and send in to SEDA-COG for processing.
  2. Download The Energy Tracker and keep track of your monthly home energy usage. At the end of 2015, send a copy in to SEDA-COG. 
  3. Read about residential energy audits and their benefits. Call one of our auditors to set up an appointment to get a residential energy audit for your home.
  4. If you own a business, check out the information about the commercial aspects of this project (Note: this page will be coming soon).
  5. Want to help out? You can volunteer to be a door-to-door surveyor, a position where you will canvass a section of Millheim to collect energy surveys from residents. Contact if you are interested in volunteering. 

*The poster displayed in the picture to the left can be found at the Post Office along with copies of the residential energy survey.

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