Millheim Special

FirstEnergy, through PA Act 129, is offering a program "designed to help meet the state’s goals to reduce both electricity usage and peak demand while encouraging residential customers to save energy and money." You can read the details of the program on their website. This program requires an up-to-$350 out of pocket fee for an energy audit, with a potential $250 rebate when a certain energy saving limit is reached.

However, this FirstEnergy program has been adapted to the Millheim project to aggressively pursue energy and money savings in the Borough. For the Renewing Millheim's Energy Independence Project, residents of Millheim borough would pay only $50 out of pocket at the time of the audit. Read below to learn about your eligibility and the benefits of getting a home energy audit. 

What Is A Residential Energy Audit?


An energy auditor conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your home and gives you advice on ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency.  The auditor will perform the following services: 

      • Evaluate your home's heating and cooling system, insulation, windows, appliances and lighting
      • Conduct a blower door test to detect air leaks that could be costing you money
      • Conduct a combustion appliance test on homes that require combustion testing to meet health and safety standards

After the audit, residents are provided with a written report containing the home's energy inefficiency and identifying the steps that would be most cost effective in reducing energy use while increasing your home's comfort.

Why Have Your Home Audited?

Many residents save a substantial amount of money on utility bills each month by improving their home's energy efficiency. Having a professional identify the most cost-effective ways to do so will help prioritize improvement projects and get the most bang for the buck. Additionally, auditors will assess the health and safety of the appliances in your home to ensure they meet the proper standards.

The auditor will install free energy-saving items (up to $200 value) if needed. These items may include the following: 

      • 11 watt LED light bulb (up to one per audit)
      • LED night lights
      • 13 and 18 watt CFL light bulbs
      • 3-way CFL light bulbs
      • 9 watt CFL globe lights
      • 16 W CFL floodlights
      • Smart strip surge protector (up to one per audit)
      • 1.5 gallon per minute shower heads
      • 1.5 gallon per minute kitchen faucet aerators
      • 1.0 gallon per minute bathroom aerators
      • Pipe insulation
      • Furnace whistle


Additional Information

Who can get one?

Residential energy audits are being provided to any interested resident within Millheim Borough through the Renewing Millheim's Energy Independence Project.

How much does it cost?

Through the project, audits which are typically valued at $350-$650 have an initial cost of only $50. This reduced cost applies only to Millheim Borough residents working with the approved contractors listed below. By implementing the recommendations of the surveyor you could also qualify for additional rebates.

Schedule An Audit Today

To schedule your $50 home energy audit, a resident must live in Millheim Borough and must also use one of the three organizations listed below. Call them today to set up an appointment!

  1. Envinity, Inc. in State College at 814-231-3927 and press #3
  2. Your Home Energy Testing & Drafting Consultants  in Mill Hall at 570-726-8057
  3. SEDA-COG's Weatherization Program in Lewisburg at 1-800-332-6701