Income Eligible Weatherization Services by CPCA

Central PA Community Action, Inc. provides free weatherization services to income-eligible residents within Millheim using funds provided by electric utilities.  Depending on the energy reduction needs of the home, a weatherization technician will seal leaks throughout the home, replace inefficient major appliances, install attic and/or wall insulation and programmable thermostats, replace roofs and furnaces, and test for and address indoor air quality issues.

Eligibility for this program depends on gross household income. To determine if you qualify for these free services, please fill out the energy survey and free weatherization service eligibility form and mail or email it to the address listed on the second page of the document.

Upon determination by the funding sources of program eligibility, CPCA will then schedule a time convenient to the homeowner for these weatherization services to be provided.  With the permission of the landlord, income-eligible renters may also receive these services.