Farm-based Energy

Biofuels are usually generated by farms to fuel vehicles across a community. As agriculture is a major component of the economies within the SEDA-COG region, biofuels are sources worthy of consideration when assessing a local community's potential for renewable energy generation. 

Browse the links below to learn more about how biofuels can benefit communities in rural Pennsylvania.

Biofuels Directory

This directory, developed by St Francis University's Renewable Energy Center, provides information about firms involved with biofuel purchasing systems and design across PA. Links on this site include directories of installers of wind, solar, geothermal, and hydro projects.


Biomass Projects in the PA DEP North Central Region

This presentation, recently given by the PA DEP, describes existing woody and anaerobic biomass technologies and projects located in the DEP North-Central region. It concludes with resources available to help projects get off the ground.


National Renewable Energy Lab - Biomass

This page, developed by the National Renewable Energy Lab, provides information about biomass sources of energy, including biofuels.


The US Department of Energy Biomass Project

The Biomass Program, an initiative of the US DOE, is helping transform the nation's renewable and abundant biomass resources into cost competitive, high performance biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower. Visit this site for biofuels information, industry reports, financing information, and policy information.